It’s a crime to provide alcohol to a minor, yet highly explicit pornography is available 24/7 to any child with a smartphone or tablet, simply by ticking a box.

Help Protect our kids from porn

The Government will soon publish its Online Safety Bill designed to protect vulnerable people from abuse on social media and the internet.

Premier is calling on Christians across the country to support our Campaign calling for mandatory age verification for commercial pornography websites.

Act now, as we may not have an opportunity like this again!

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URGENT PETITION To prevent harm to children from sexually explicit material online

I am deeply concerned that the Online Safety Bill will not protect children from being harmed by online pornography due to the lack of age verification safeguards which had previously been assured in Part 3 of the Digital Economy Act. The new Bill makes no requirement of commercial pornography websites to verify the user’s age, and many do not even ask the user to tick a box to confirm that they are over 18.

As a result, any child with a smartphone can easily access highly explicit pornography, and research already suggests that 62% of children aged 11 to 13 see pornography for the first time unintentionally.

Thousands more children will be exposed and harmed by easy access to hardcore, violent and abusive images until age verification controls are enforced. Technology already exists that can verify age without violating the privacy of adults, making concerns about restricted freedoms completely unfounded.

I am asking you to vote in favour of extending the scope of the Online Safety Bill to include mandatory age verification for all commercial pornographic websites when the Bill returns to the House of Commons. I strongly urge you to seize this opportunity to make our children’s smartphones safer and to protect innocence online.

Yours sincerely

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62% of 11 to 13 year olds see pornography for the first time unintentionally, thanks to its prevalence online
A child browsing an adult website on an iPad

The Governments Online Safety Bill aims to protect vulnerable people online and regulate against harmful content on the internet. Parliament will be asked to vote on the Bill in the coming weeks to make it law. MPs have powers to amend the Bill where they feel improvements can be made.

The draft version of the Bill fails to protect children from online pornography. We have an opportunity to change the legislation right now but we only have a short space of time to make the case to MPs.

Please support this vital campaign to protect the innocence of our children

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